specialising in insurance and liability

Areas of Expertise

Insurance Law

We act for two of the largest global insurers resolving claim disputes and advising on policy interpretation. We also deal with engineering, defective workmanship, product liability and professional negligence claims on their behalf.

Retail Liability

This forms the bulk of our liability practise. In particular we specialise in retail liability for one of Africa’s largest retailers. We deal with defended injury claims, infringement of personality rights for wrongful arrest and detention and tenant and contractor liability.

Personal Injury Law

We have a small Plaintiff practise dealing with claims against the Road Accident Fund and other Plaintiff personal injury. We also deal with substantial defended personal injury claims on behalf of our Insurance clients.

Motor Law

Annually we achieve multi million rand savings and recoveries for our insurance clients on subrogated motor and property claims. We do the bulk of our trial work ourselves.

Agricultural Liability

We deal with defended liability claims for fire damage to crop, property, plantation and livestock. We also deal with animal liability claims.

Medical Malpractice Law

We were recently included on the liability panel of one of the largest private hospital groups in South Africa to defend medical negligence claims against their hospitals. We also have an existing Plaintiff practise.
Limiting our client’s risk since 2001. “Someone is going to have to pay! But who, why, when and how much…..or how little?”

Municipal Liability

We defend Municipalities against wrongful arrest claims and also do some work on municipal motor recovery and liability schemes.

Road Construction & Liability

We specialize in road maintenance and construction liability defending the National Roads Agency as well as various contractors and engineers responsible for road design, construction, routine maintenance and advising on the associated engineering agreements.

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Physical Address :
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Postal Address :
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